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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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for each of the students. attendance has been phenomenal. it is a school that traditionally does not have good attendance. they hope to expand from the 50 students currently to 150 students. we heard from other schools like the civic center, woodside, we heard from folks from ida b. wells and downtown high. it is nice to know that this is a very cohesive group that meets regularly and shares ideas with conversation. about how to make it better and how to meet the needs of students that have not been successful in the regular school settings by offering them an engaging cirriculum. president kim: our next report
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is from the augmented ad hoc committee. commissioner wynns: the committee met last night here, and we had three items on the agenda. the first one was a report on the plan for the monitoring of the student assignment, and i want to make sure, by the way, commissioner fewer said everybody got a copy of that but which i did not get. i am asking to make sure that all of the commissioners get a copy of the materials from the meeting last night. there were power point presentation is that will explain all of these issues about the monitoring system, and particularly about that presentation that will explain the experts that will be an
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adviser to the system -- advisers to the system. and how it will help us to an evaluate the effectiveness of reaching the goals of the new student assignment system. it lists a lot of questions. i like the format of lot. -- a lot. we want all members of the board to read that and consult with staff. the second item was the transportation policy, the committee actually recommended to the board a substitute motion which is the changes to the transportation policy from what was first introduced and when it will come to us in september. i want to say that last night, we discussed because of the holidays, we can't have the
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december meeting on the day that we usually have it, but we asked the staff when we should have it. today, i received a message saying that they would like to have one particularly for the purpose of further reporting on the specifics of the development of the transportation proposal for next year. and the three year phase-in we are proposing. we have not settled on the date yet, it will be either december 6, 7, or the 13. it looks like a 13 because we have other meetings. that would be the day before the regular board meeting in december. watch for that on the web.
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are we posting be presentations on all the information that we got last night? we have to oppose that because throughout the process, as you all know, we have been supportive and we discussed the importance of these proposals being publicized to everybody. changes in transportation and changes of the student assignment system will affect everybody in the system and we need to know that. the last item, we have gotten the beginnings of a proposal about the special education assignment process. i would urge the commissioners to read the presentation and the report that we have and give feedback. there will be other opportunities to discuss this. the staff is proposing to ask that we set aside places in the
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student assignment process for transitional grades for inclusion, students that have inclusion of iep's at every school. this is sort of a conclusion, but it became clear that the board is going to have to be supportive of holding places at schools when we have pressure from people when their students cannot have -- do not have iep's. we want to -- this is the beginning of our tryin gg to meet the commitment of having the special education assignment process be like the regular student assignment process.
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and our commitment to changing the nature of our special education program, particularly an inclusion as was noted in the audit from a program based to a service based process. i will finish by saying that we definitely want all the members of the board to pay attention to the materials. as we have all along, there were members of the board and i thank them for their time and attention and attendants who were at the meeting. i know everybody is really interested in this. it is essential for us getting the kind of implementation that we are committed to. i would just make another pitch that as much as possible, it will be good if members of the board are at the attendance on
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saturday because there will be a lot of questions about the new process. thank you. president kim: item t is a report of the closed session actions. commissioner fewer: -- commissioner maufas: bill meets starting at 5:00. is it wednesday? pardon me. i would not have been here. wednesday, starting at 5:00, it is just three topics. i know that we will try to get to that meeting relatively quickly because the other commissioners have time constraints. we will start promptly at 5:00 tomorrow in a board meeting room. commissioner fewer: i would like to report back on a visit today
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that commissioner norton and the deputy superintendent and miss dodge, we went to visit the school and this is a school we have a collaboration with. to serve students who are ill and must be hospitalized. and they can continue the education while there -- while they are in school. there are also students all over the country that come here. some come with their whole families with their siblings. i have to say personally, this school makes me especially proud of our school system in an effort to serve all students. i just wanted to report on that.
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president kim: thank you. item t is the report of the closed session actions. the board of education approved one assistant principal and one supervisor. item u is posted in the agenda under informational notice of classified personnel transactions. tonight, we had turned in the memory of three individuals. -- adjourn in the memory of three individuals. one student was an innocent victim of gun violence and one of our gateway to college students. another student passed awway due to an unfortunate chronic medical situation. it to the mother of our superintendent -- and to the mother of our superintendent.
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our deepest sympathy goes out to the families and the superintendent and his family for the loss of his mother. she was born in mexico in 1927 and she was a wise mother and grandmother. she was a loving homemaker and raised her family and loss angeles. she returned to spend her sunset years back in mexico where she passed away on sunday, november 7, 2010. the superintendent said she was a kind and a beautiful person that touched many lives. she raised an amazing family. meeting adjourned.
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captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor mirkarimi: very good. welcome. i would like to thank sf g t v for their fine work in covering this. madam clerk, please read the roll call. >> [roll call] supervisor mirkarimi: i expect commissioner mar to join us shortly. please read item #2. >> [reads item]
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supervisor mirkarimi: any public comment that of public comment is closed. that is taken without objection. very good. item #3. >> recommend annual compensation for executive director for fiscal year 2010-2011. supervisor mirkarimi: mr. malkovich. >> this is a follow up your last meeting that took place in june. according to our code, the authority board must provide for the director. the original date or deadline for compensation was june 30. at the september meeting of the board, the board chose of every
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year. while anticipating a complicated month in september, scheduling board and committee meetings, i figured that i would bring this to you now so that we would comply with the deadline. the last board meeting was the 15th. this seems like a timely moment to consider this. what i brought you, in the spirit of full disclosure, normally this is taken up in the same meeting where you evaluate my performance. but because there was a change requested by the board in the time line for making the determination, you already have done my performance evaluation on june 29.
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at this time the committee gave a score of 4.5, which is between good and outstanding in our rankings system. at the time the committee chose to defer action compensation given that the budget was still going on. so, it really is not my intent, and i do not think it would be appropriate, to rehash the poor performance evaluation memo, but there were a number of things that happened this year that were of great significance. between the bus rapid transit project and the still parking project, this year we brought in over $200 million worth of federal funds directly out of the authorities advocacy. what we envision for this coming
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year is a pretty heavy-duty schedule of activity. not just to continue dealing with projects that are of significance in the program, including the central subway and presidio parkway. the number of studies that we have, the next step in building the rams project, $100 million of federal money that we have secured, and also because i see more closely related to my own function as an authority a very significant workload in terms of advocacy both here and washington, d.c. there have been major see changes in both places. the main concern will be positioned in san francisco programs in the new house. we are blessed with the representation that we have in
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congress, but i think that the key, and some and we have discussed with those representatives, is that we need to be prepared. we do well because we have a great partnership between the technical and staffing of the partnerships that we have. and the great advocates see that we have in the house and senate. but you need things that are well thought out and prepared ahead of time. we also need the ability to essentially market the program through the merit of the projects and other people in washington. including people in the administration and on the field. i anticipate that with the changing in congress, there is going to be an extra added workload of preparing and positioning the program in washington, d.c.. there will also be a significant amount of pressure to participate and have substantial roles in the development of the
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surface transportation act, which is a first-year federal funding bill. in sacramento, of course, a new administration an opportunity to develop new opportunities for our program. i expect to be quite busy this year. in addition that, -- in addition to that, closer to home, transportation planning staff retention, this would seem unusual at a time of economic downturn, but the funds that have flooded the transportation field and which we are puzzling through for the next couple of years means that there is competition to attract the best and brightest engineers and
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planners. so, we have to be careful to set up a really good staff mentoring and training retention plan. those of the kinds of things that i have to work on. i feel that this coming year is a year of significant challenge. looking back, officially the last time the board of compensation for me was may of 2008. so, we have a compensation charge that is several years old. to believe we do a survey every two years but i have not bothered because we are swamped with other things. but it is time to do that. regardless of what happens today or what the board chooses to do, we will be doing a survey for the next fiscal year. i am hoping that you will consider and will be happy with
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whatever decision the to make. supervisor mirkarimi: comments or questions at the moment? supervisor mar: in may of 2008, what was the increase at the personnel at that time? >> [unintelligible] supervisor mar: from step four to step five? >> it was actually from step 32 step 5. -- step 3 to step 5. our project is the highest rank in the nation with more of an increase and i should point out
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that there is no proposition increase, these all have merit increases. supervisor mirkarimi: as you correctly frame, the discussion that we had on this originated back in june. the normal cycle for this discussion is usually of a june to june basis. based on the fact that we decided to have a meeting inserted now, do you think that that should adjust our allocation in terms of steps? or does keeping to that level -- what i detected from you when you were making those comments was that this was new and different from what was done in the past to. based on everything we have achieved over this last year,
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with regards to consideration, do you think that that could call for us to hold back in terms of making the adjustments? >> are you talking about the adjustments or the regional activity? supervisor mirkarimi: adjustments. >> commissioners, it is entirely your call. i certainly do not want to put to in a difficult position as far as policy, but this is the first time i have held policy commission as i m appointed by the board but an employee of the
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authority. it is essentially, your pleasure. your call. it is not clear from the memo how we resolve the issue of adjustments in this case. the adjustment is to be for the fiscal year. i would not expect that he would make a retroactive statement adjustment. in fact, i would propose to the board if it is your pleasure and clarification, essentially the budget is done on a fiscal year. all that we would do would be amendments of salary for the first half of the year so that you do not feel that you need to make a retroactive adjustment. salary from january 1 through december 31, we would essentially divide that through the fiscal years.
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that way when you make a decision, it is not retroactive. were you to make an adjustment today, it would be effective only january 1 and for the next six months. actually, for the next year, starting january 1. supervisor mirkarimi: understood. colleagues? supervisor mar: thank you. i am torn about this. on the one hand i think it makes sense. it is well deserved and i think that a step increase with no increase having taken place over the last 2.5 years seems reasonable. especially considering how it compares to other agencies in the jurisdiction.
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the only concern is that we have a tough budget year. that is the only hold back for me. in terms of how reasonable this would be, it makes sense. that is my only hesitation. >> i would want to clarify this for the public that might be watching, the authority budget is separate from the city budget. the staffing and expense is actually budgeted. you are not required on any level a change to the adopted budget. the other thing but you say in the process -- the other thing that you say in the process
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compared to last time, it is not necessarily a choice between zero and convincing. i am not advocating between -- for convincing. supervisor mirkarimi: you had mentioned that there might be another opportunity in december or another opportunity of meeting-was to address this. correct? >> the meeting schedule includes a meeting on december 8, i believe, which already has plans and programs in the same morning. which is why i suggest putting this one on top of that one. the board meeting on the 15, essentially i did not suggest in
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deference to the board because i feel uncomfortable having the committee vote on something right before the board, then bringing the items in. it is entirely the goal and we can make notice and everything, but i feel it is always best when it is that we can have a committee meeting to have a chance to consider these things. something that was proposed just a few moments before. it's good not to get rid of this one again. are any executive level staff that has received increases? >> cost of living increases. >> the staff of the authority
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does not receive cost-of-living increases based entirely on performance. everyone has received increased this year. admittedly, there have not been huge increases because we are mindful of the budget situation. people are getting these increases because of our compensation scale not being as generous as other agencies included but because we knew about prime the total burden, is considered a small supervisor mar: -- small.
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supervisor mar: i realize that this is a separate budget and that as you have laid out in the memo, the tremendous work you have done. i will bite the bullet in and say that i recommend an increase to step six to fix compensation ford executive director fiscal year 2010-2011. i will make that motion. supervisor campos: 5 will also support that motion. the way that i see, as currently in place, it is a step system. flex a very good -- supervisor mirkarimi: very


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